Where Should You Put Your Watch On?

Are you wearing an automatic watch? If so, where do you put it? Instinctively, people wear their watches on the left wrist as that is customary for people to do. But, have you ever stopped to wonder why that seems to be the case?
If you ask Stephen Charles from Parkers Jewelers, he will tell you that there is actually no written rule that says that you should always wear your watch on the left wrist. In other words, put it wherever you’re most comfortable.
But, as the reader, it is best for you to find out what other things people think about when wearing a watch.

Mainly for Comfort

There are many reasons why people wear a watch even to this day but one main reason why they do so is more of convenience in the aspect of timekeeping.
You see, although smartphones have the ability to also tell the time, it is much more convenient to be looking at your wrist as opposed to getting your phone out of your pocket.

That being said, wearing a watch should never be a chore and it should never inflict pain on the wearer. That is why it is important that you think about where the watch would be more comfortable to you as opposed to adhering to social norms.
For instance, my friend is right-handed but he still prefers wearing his G-shock watch on the right hand simply because he wants to time things perfectly. You may not be as ‘OC’ like him, but the fact remains that anything that works for you should, well, work.

The Crown is on the Right

Now, some people might stop you in that wearing a watch on the right wrist is wrong and they’re probably saying that because of one thing: The watch’s crown is on the right.
As you know by now, a watch crown is a rotating mechanism that allows you to adjust certain parameters in your watch. As you could probably tell by the context, a watch’s crown is usually located on the right side of the watch, which makes it so that it should be a ‘no-brainer’ to put the watch on the left wrist to allow your right hand to manipulate the crown with ease.

That being said, let me ask you something: How often do you tinker with the crown? Unless you are wearing a mechanical watch, I’d say that not so often. And, there are some people that would remove the watch from their wrists if they ever want to adjust the time, for example, anyway.

What I am saying is that where you put your watch should be a non-issue because, for the most part, you should always think of it as something that you should be on your side without hurting you.
So long as you are comfortable wearing your watch for extended periods of time, it really doesn’t matter where you put it: Either on the left or right wrist.