What Are Mobile Apps and Why Are They Gaining Popularity?


A business usually has their own app development so that they can easily serve their customers using the said portal. They also have websites, but many have the misconception that an application should serve something like an extension or even an outright substitution of their main site- something which is entirely not true. If anything, a business application should go hand in hand with their official website  so that they can better serve their clients. That being said, most mobile business apps are quite hard to use and although people still use them as they have certain functionalities, they want something that is much simpler. That is why micro apps are on the rise and it is gaining massive traction through the years. Wait, what are they? Well, micro apps are generally apps that have a few, targeted functions that makes it lightweight and definitely easy to use. There are a lot of advantages to using a micro app, especially in a business setting. Below are just some reasons why it is gaining in popularity:

1. It Helps Them Ship an Application to the Public Faster

Here’s the thing: businesses have limited resources; both in time and money. That is why when they want to have an application developed for them, it has to be made as quickly because any day that is spent will translate into lost profits. A micro app is very easy to code for, requires far less time to develop, and it can easily be debugged should there be problems within the code.

2. It is Much More Streamlined

Have you ever used a business app that tries to do a lot of things, only to be disappointed because of its lack of focus on the whole user experience? Mobile apps are so simple to use and it also comes with a simple design to match as well. It is much more streamlined making it ideal for customers who just want to get a hold of one feature at a time.

3. One App, One Purpose

The thing about mobile apps is that for it to replace an all-in-one application, a developer must create multiple applications that serve one single purpose. For instance, if they have to develop a banking app, for example, one micro app will deal with online transactions while another might deal with real-time payments, and so on. The thing that makes this advantageous for both developers and businesses is that a. the app can be shipped as quickly as possible and b. one app only has one main function and that’s it, which translates to easier coding time for the developers.


Mobile apps are gaining in popularity because of its ease of use and targeted focus when it comes to features. It saves a lot of time and money and developers, entrepreneurs, and the customers can benefit from using them. Expect to see a lot more mobile apps in the near future.