Social Media Usage Among Older Adults

Social Media

In today’s world, social media is not only for young adults; in fact, people regardless of the age are actively involved in social media, especially Facebook. Social media can give a lot of impacts on older adults as they are also staying connected with their friends, families and colleagues on social media and becoming active Internet users. Aside from personal uses, the social media for marketing through social media for example; social media marketing services are used¬†within e-commerce businesses around the world, even countries like Malaysia.

Social media has rapidly become one of the most popular and effective ways of communication.

Things like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all currently dominated by millennials. However, the percentage of older adults using social media has increased substantially in recent years and there is always your crazy aunt or uncle that comment on your Facebook profile picture or your mom questioning every photo you have been tagged at. As much as millennials try to stop it, the older adults are becoming a part of social media. Studies have found that social satisfaction and well-being among older adults have illustrated a need for strong social ties. Research shows that as adults progress their retirements and other life-changing events such as the death of a spouse, or maybe the loss of a job they are likely to become depressed and maintaining strong social connectivity with friends and family has shown to decrease the symptom of depression.

Considering the number of older adults on social media, especially Facebook, ages from 50 and above, they may have had trouble moving around and they cannot physically see people they want to see every day or have trouble staying connected with their family or relatives like they used to. With social media, they are able to close the gap and talk to each other daily. Thus, interpersonal communication or the communication between people is still very important late in our lives and social media gives older adults a way to stay connected to these people. So, the next time your grandmother or your aunt comment on your photos or your random weird post, don’t delete it out of embarrassment, just respond to them. It will make their day.