Car Seat Safety: From Newborn to 2 Years

Are you thinking of buying a new baby car seat and baby carrier in Malaysia? Make sure to choose the best baby car seat brand for your little one. Babies are at much bigger risk of injury in car crashes. This is because their spine is still developing, and that their heads are bigger compared to their bodies. Below are some baby car seat safety tips you must follow when transporting your child. 

  • Don’t put a blanket between the kid and the harness straps, or behind or underneath her. When travelling in car, don’t dress your baby in bulky outerwear. Thick, heavy clothing may interfere with the tightness of the car seat’s harness. What you can do is place a warm blanket over the harness and your child. 
  • Once the head of your baby nears the topmost part of the seat, that means he is getting bigger. There must be around an inch between the top of the kid’s head, and the top of your rear-facing car seat
  • Your toddler or baby must ride in a quality rear-facing cat seat as long as possible, until he reaches the highest height and weight allowed in that specific seat. Many convertible car seats have limitations that allow kids to ride for more than 2 years. 
  • Always put the infant in a rear-facing car seat at the back of the vehicle. A kid riding at the front seat may be fatally injured by the passenger side’s air bag.
  • The car seat’s shoulder straps should be below, or at the baby’s shoulders. Safety seats have many sets of harness slots, so parents can adjust the harness as the child grows. See to it that the harness is used correctly. Take note of these tips: 
  1. The topmost part of the chest clip must be at armpit level.
  2. The car seat straps must lie flat in a completely straight line. No twisting or sagging.