Year: 2018


4 Tips to Create a Trading Plan

Introduction Trading is a word used in a variety of contexts. It could be used to refer to buying and selling. It can also be used to refer to exchanging a thing for something as well. But, in this article, I will talk more about trading in the stock market sense; particularly ones that are […]

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Mobile App
Mobile App Development

Benefits of Having A Mobile Application in your Business

Custom mobile applications are picking up force that it helped every entrepreneurs gain extra business incomes! Custom mobile applications can be incompletely or completely customized to suit your business needs. These applications are adjusted to address a specific gathering of people instead of giving an answer which takes into account a huge gathering with shifting […]

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What Are Mobile Apps and Why Are They Gaining Popularity?

Introduction A business usually has their own app development so that they can easily serve their customers using the said portal. They also have websites, but many have the misconception that an application should serve something like an extension or even an outright substitution of their main site- something which is entirely not true. If anything, […]

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Social Media

Social Media Usage Among Older Adults

In today’s world, social media is not only for young adults; in fact, people regardless of the age are actively involved in social media, especially Facebook. Social media can give a lot of impacts on older adults as they are also staying connected with their friends, families and colleagues on social media and becoming active […]

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